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A Mess of Winter Wonderland

All week, I heard about the incredible blizzard that was heading my way. Professors, CNN reporters, and frat boys all warned me about the undeniable occurrence of snow. Did I believe it? Of course not. Since when are the irrational dooms-day fears of the weather channel right? Sure, I thought there would be snow but I wasn’t ready for this much snow.

Temple university winter


Friday night, I went out to Restaurant week with my darling friends Maddie and Erin. We tried Bellini Grill and it was delicious. To be forward, I had higher expectations for this place and reality fell just short. Still, I left feeling satisfied, especially when they gave out four courses instead of three. I’m a girl who loves my food so keep the extra courses coming. The real satisfaction came from the dessert menu however.  If you want to get on my good side, then some Tiramisu and coffee will do just that.

When we left the restaurant, snow was falling delicately and rapidly. I was tempted to take photographs right away but also desperate to take cover from the cold that I was not prepared for. On a side note, we had the sweetest Uber driver ever and he is a true champion for driving people in this weather. When I got home, I was excited to learn that Starbucks would be closing and I didn’t have to go into work. Man, was I excited. This is the first weekend I have had off in a long time; With work, internships, classes, clubs and sorority duties, a girl doesn’t have time for simple things like sleep and television.

12620616_1224513777578159_1830953919_o 12570981_1224514284244775_2106365327_n

A lot of my friends ventured out for parties, sledding, and snowball fights this weekend while I chose to stay in. It was so relaxing to be able to actually just stay in bed and focus on things outside of work. I went through an entire first season of Netflix’s new Degrassi remake. Let me just say childhood nostalgia was hitting me hard and I was pleasantly surprised with the remake. I also had time to cook for the first time in awhile. My body was definitely appreciative for all the fruits and veggies as opposed to the grilled cheese’s I’ve been eating in between life. My news years resolution was to be more on top of my health and I’m now realizing, I’ve become like those middle aged moms who pledge that every New Year’s.

theameliaburns foodSomewhere in between sleeping and catching up on all my favorite lookbookers, I found some time to venture out into the snow. Chicago has taught me two things: do not be afraid of bundling up and winter can be chic if you want it to be. As I watch girls around me, running to parties in skimpy jackets and Vans, I am so incredibly thankful that I am over the phase in life of choosing to “look cool” over being warm. My mom was right, it’s never worth it.


My Winter look for this particular day was inspired by an Alaskan model who I follow on Instagram. Recently, I’ve been pairing all of my winter looks around this particular beanie from Obey and this scarf from Express. Both are the softest things in my closet and I can’t go out in the cold without wishing I had them. My winter staple is my cashmere button down coat by Anne Klein. I wish I had a jacket like this in every color; I love the sophistication and the feel.
winter looks

winter looks

Underneath my coat, I paired an army green sweater with a fo-fur vest from BCBG. This vest is another staple of mine just because it is so incredibly trendy and warm. To complete the look, I threw on some old black jeans and my amazing snow boots. I talked a little bit about these boots in an upcoming post I have; so I won’t get to into detail now. However, I will tell you they are from J.Crew and the way I will be surviving this season. To complete the ensemble, I paired a gold eye look with a red lip.

amelia burns

Lipstick: flame by Covergirl

Although, I didn’t go to any parties this weekend, I did go to a snowball fight. A huge fight at the bell tower on my campus was happening and my friends dragged me to it. I have no regrets thankfully as it was energetic and special.

All in all, I had a great winter wonderland weekend.  I adore this look but do not be fooled by the great photography. I am freezing in all of these pictures and dreaming about Hot Coco.


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