Who am I?


Hello beautiful individuals and welcome to my blog.

It’s 2017 and let’s be real, who doesn’t have a blog? This site started out as a way for me to tell my story; Past, present & future endeavors.

For two decades, people have been calling me abnormal. Some with admiration, others with distaste. I’ve realized now that I have a love for life, words & pictures. These passions cause me to do impulsive things, breathe creativity and think big. I hope you enjoy reading about the trouble I get myself in and out of, my opinions on things that probably don’t matter and the written dissection of why I am the way I am. I hope this is a place where you come to find inspiration, positivity and originality. I hope I inspire you to ask for a little bit more, to give a little bit back and to never be afraid of the past, the now and the future. 

When it comes down to it, I am your average college student trying to figure out how to get everything I want in life as fast as I can. I think that’s what we all want so I’d like to help you get there and maybe inspire you to try some new things as well.

So thank you for stopping by, and hopefully you will be back. Sending you love always.

Keep Dreaming & Stay Reckless.









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