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Chicago Street style (ft. Nova & Cher, Zara)

I have yet to have an in-office internship but when I do, I would like to think that this is the type of outfit I will be wearing. Pencil skirts are the epitome of what professional looks like to me. Maybe it’s because that is all I’ve ever seen my mom running around in. Or maybe because it channels my inner Jackie Kennedy. Either way, a good skirt and a trendy jacket can make you stand out.

It doesn’t matter what I am doing, I always try to look some what professional but still maintain my trendiness. It is important to me that my version of professional never becomes too stiff and repetitive. I want people to know right away that I can be mature and driven; but I am unique and will never mold myself to be more like the person interviewing before me.

I have worn these sunglasses before in a previous fashion post and I still have no idea where I got them. Thats the problem with accessories, nobody can ever remember where they are from. If any of you are ever in Five Points, Atlanta, be sure to shop for sunglasses. I can’t tell you where, I can only assure you it will be worth your time.

outfit plymouth court

This specific day I tried a new craze, curling only the front few pieces of my hair. I’m not sure how many people have begun to notice but it stood out to me as an amusing style. It first came to my attention on Pretty Little Liars. If you notice most of the characters with curled hair in a particular episode will have just the front few curled. It stood out to me instantly because it’s not like these characters are actually on the move. After picking up on this, I began to notice a lot of bloggers and artists doing similar techniques with their hair. It still seems very funny to me but I have to admit it was extremely satisfying to spend 5 minutes curling my hair as opposed to the usual 30. I can definitely see how this trend can and will appeal to the modern women on the move.

street look

This jacket has such a smooth and tough feel. It is my new go-to and favorite piece of the season. Leather jackets are a staple for my everyday life and style. I have one for every season, and at the slightest touch of wind, I have no fear wearing one in the summer. This particular one I got in Zara, while I was in Europe this past summer. I wanted to let the jacket shine that day so I paired it with a black camisole that I vaguely remember stealing from my sister.

The skirt I’m wearing is from the online store Nova and Cher. I talked briefly about this brand in my Chicago post so feel free to check that out. The skirt is thrifted and had such a soft touch to it. Although it looks very thin, it has a warmth and thickness to the material. Definitely the perfect skirt to pair with some booties and tights for the colder season.

chi streets

I pulled together this look with my staple heeled black booties. I am sad to announce that these boots are no longer a part of my fall collection. After one too many rainstorms, airports and city adventures, these booties have lived their last day. Obviously, I am in dire need of some replacements so please feel free to tell me about any great black booties on the market!

My Bag is from Rebecca Minkoff which I talked about in a previous Fashion under the Shambles blog. In this past post, I also linked some similar booties.


My recent trip to Chicago definitely gave me lots of new fashion inspiration. I have realized how much outfits improve when you pull from different styles. It can be hard to get out of fashion ruts, it becomes so easy to go to your favorite store and continuously buy similar items. I have been trying to remind myself to stay out of this pattern. Fashion is considerably more fun when you are trying something new.


You can View my Lookbook post here. Leave a comment if you have any looks you would like for me to check out.

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