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Devon Horse Show! Outfit + Review

The Devon Horse Show is a county fair that happens every May in Devon, New Jersey. It is a really unique event centered around Equestrian teams and performances. It is just as snobby and scholarly as it sounds and I adore every minute of it.

I have attended almost every year since I was a youngin’ with my family. Not only is it unique (because how many times in your life do you encounter horse jumping competitions) but it also has AMAZING food. Now you probably have discovered where my adoration actually comes from. The fair has vendors from all over; where you can try all kinds of dips, cheeses, candy ect. What also makes this event much more enjoyable is that they actually serve vegetarian substitutes like veggie dogs and burgers. For once it isn’t actually hard to be a vegetarian. However, the best food vendor at the fair is this little market on the side that sells awesome tea sandwiches.

As far as fashion, this event is particularly special because many of the people there wear fashions similar to what you see at the Kentucky Derby. Bright spring dresses, huge floppy hats, white gloves and heels are all part of the bizarre experience. If you live in the Philly/Jersey area, you should definitely go and check it out. You will never have a better people watching experience then at this event.


I just love a good floppy hat, don’t you?

Shoes: Steve Madden

Dress: Molly & Zoe (boutique in Long Branch, NJ)

Hat: Forever 21

bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom)


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