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Fashion Under the Shambles 2015

On Wednesday I had the amazing opportunity to attend Philadelphia’s Fashion Under the ShamblesFUTS is one of the biggest fashion events and show of the year. It was through my fashion and business club that I was able to attend and it was a very cool experience.

The show was outside which I really enjoyed, I feel like a lot of people don’t use the city itself enough as a venue. I like to see the buildings around me, feel the breeze and experience the bystanders. An event like this is what embodies Philadelphia to me, so I appreciate when that is obvious.  There was a lot of local vendors giving away free food at the event. One lady in particular was giving out banana pudding variations that were delicious. I never thought I was a fan of banana flavored desserts until I tasted the salted Carmel mocha banana pudding. I am actually so mad at myself for not picking up the shops card when I had a chance because I would love to visit the actual store. If you know of it, please let me know in the comments!

This years show was hosted by Cory Hindorff. If you are not an active Americas Next Top Model stalker than you probably won’t recognize the name but Cory was the second runner up on ANTM’s first co-ed season. I was beyond excited that he was going to be in attendance and I wish I could have gotten a better photo of his outfit because it was on point. After the show, we had a lovely talk about the Philly fashion scene and he gave me lots of tips and recommendations on what to look for this year. He was exceptionally sweet and I hope to run into him again later this year.

I wish I would have had time to work on my own outfit because I would have gone all out. Unfortunately I had to go from class to the event so It wasn’t exactly easy to throw on some pumps. I will be posting the outfit I wore HERE so feel free to check it out!

(Left: Zara (friend from F&B, me, & Cory) 

There was a lot of interesting people in attendance. A long list of Philadelphia photographers, bloggers, reporters and designers filled the area.  It was a great place to network and I really wish I had business cards to hand out. Luckily I met a few up and coming bloggers who are looking to collab!

The show itself was great. There were a lot of local boutiques lines that I really loved and wish I had heard of earlier. Some of my favorite shows were:

Moon & Arrow

Nostalgia Vintage 

Bus Stop boutique 



Each store/designer was completely different, all with unique styles and approaches. One of my favorite shows featured animal masks which was strange but cool. All of the models were really amazing as well. I would love to work with some of them and be a part of an event like this. I am thinking next year I may attend the auditions or reach out to the coordinator.



This event was a great way to start a year of fashion for me. It has inspired me to become more involved in my local fashion scene. I am very excited for whats to come this year for my blog and style. Definitely keep in touch cause I’ll be back very soon with some cool new posts for you 😉



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