Feminism & The Fear of your Boobs

If you actually clicked on this blog post because of the tittle, I already like you. So relax and leave behind all the fears and misconceptions that you have about feminism. Let’s start with the basics before I try and convince you why we should allow the world to stare at more boobs.

So here it goes, the two basic and ONLY guidelines for feminism:

  1. Are you a Feminist? yes/no
  2. What is a feminist: (from the dictionary): A person advocating for the social, political, legal and economic rights for women, equal to those of men.

So there you have it. The only two concepts that a person needs to ponder over to decide whether they are in fact a feminist or not. For whatever reason (and I couldn’t possibly get into those ideas now) society has become terrified of the word “feminist” and the misconceptions that people seem to think it stands for. In reality all feminism is about is equality and ANYONE can identify with the word. Yes, men can be feminists too. So before you click away, consumed with fear of becoming a “tom boy man hater” let me remind you that Beyonce is a feminist.

The point of this article was to introduce a new campaign that has been stirring up some controversy. “Free The Nipple” is a new feminist movement trying to promote equality and acceptance among art, social media and society. The main point of the campaign isn’t about wanting women to rome the streets naked causing chaos. For whatever reason people just see boobs and can’t think about anything beyond that. This movement is about how little differences in equality can be what is holding women back. Minor differences between treatment of the sexes can lead to much bigger social and political issues. Slut and body shaming of women are two problems that this campaign pushes to reduce.

I encourage you all to take a look at this video by journalist and activist, Liz Plank. If you have not seen some of Plank’s stories then you should definitely take a seat because she is lovable and brilliant. The video encourages viewers to go and watch the full movie “Free the Nipple” (inspired by true events ) on Netflix. This is an empowering movement designed for the young and the carefree. Let us rise above society’s downfalls.


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