I Live My Life in Airports

I live my life in airports. I have come to accept that and I get more and more okay with it every day.

When I was in high school things seemed to move at a extremely slow pace. I was always waiting and wishing for change or freedom. Now I have it and it is exhilarating. I work, go to school, participate in extra circulars and at the end of the day I can still jump on a plane anytime I damn well please.

Of course there are always complicating factors. Traveling so much has made saving money hard and keeping up with my school load frustrating. I work until I have enough to leave and then return home when I need to work again. It is an intricate, and  fast paced cycle. But I love having the ability to just be like, “I have the money so now lets go somewhere.”


The secret to traveling often and well, is you need to make friends. Going to school in Chicago has left me with friends from all over the country and I think that is important. Once you have a friend from somewhere else in the world, you not only have a place to crash but an excuse.

I find that sometimes all we really need is a good excuse.

Side note: I have just landed in North Carolina and now have a couple of hours to kill before my trip officially start. I most likely will update on my actual trip later. Feel free to add me on Instagram to see photos from my trips.

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