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Little Black Dress: Fall Lookbook 2015

I have realized that this fall, I am not really about color. It is a tad upsetting. It is not so much that I don’t want to wear colors but rather, it has become easier to pull together outfits from basics. It could also have something to do with my rather ambitious schedule this past semester. Something about neutrals makes me feel very confident and chic. I come across a lot of jokes in the fashion world about wearing a lot of  black and now I understand why. It is just so satisfyingly easy and sleek. Leather jackets and little black dresses are the reason why I get to sleep an extra half an hour most mornings.

Fall Lookbook

This picture was taken on a great day, with great friends. A “candid” laugh has become such a cliche in Instagram and model pictures but I can honestly say this one was genuine. It is nearly impossible to not be happy when there is a sunny October day in Chicago.  Unfortunately, Philly is slowly getting very cold. Say goodbye to little black dresses, I guess….

Sike! yeah, like that will ever happen. Thank heavens, for Urban socks & tights right? Dresses are my favorite thing to stock up on because they are so versatile. You can always layer less or more. This particular dress is from the site Alli Express. I borrowed it for this shoot and wasn’t completely happy with the material but it was a great fit for my current shape.

Little Black DressFall Lookbook Black dress

Once Again we see a reappearance of my favorite leather jacket for this season. Zara has become a new go-to for me and I have been really impressed with the quality. I am sure everyone is tired of the never ending Rebecca Minkoff bag that is constantly sneaking into my blog posts. I promise it is not obvious product placement (a girl can dream through right?) It is however, my “school bag” and  the perfect size for my camera,books, laptop ect. Which is why I practically ALWAYS have it on me.

Fall Lookbook 2015

These shoes are the coolest things that have ever touched my feet. Jeffrey Campbell’s and they are rad. I now know what is missing from my collection and Santa’s going to be getting some demands this year.

Little Black Dress Look book

Winter is now approaching so I hope you can all appreciate this last post for fall inspiration. I am having some serious trouble saying goodbye.

Fall never lasts long enough and I am pretty unskilled at making freezing look chic. Going to need some serious Fashion Inspiration and quick.



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