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Outfit: Fashion Under the Shambles 2015

Earlier today I posted an article about my adventure attending Fashion Under the Shambles! You can read up on that event HERE!

Anyways as I said in that post, I pretty much had to rush from class to get to this event. Needless to say, my game wasn’t at its best. If it had been up to me, I would have worn some killer pumps that I got in Paris this past summer. I’ve been eager to wear them and this would have been the perfect event. I’ve also been looking for an excuse to wear a cheetah jacket this fall. But I’m actually happy I didn’t get the chance to because a lot of bloggers were sporting similar ones to mine at the event. 


Lately, I’ve been really into side tucking. Hence the half tucked in collared shirt (no that wasn’t a mistake. but maybe it should have been) I haven’t really decided whether or not I like that look with these type of shirts. I tend to like things polished with a little bit of messy thrown in. Thats why I was drawn to this look that particular day. Let me know whether you think it works or should be solely a T-shirt style.
My Shirt is from H&M, it is no longer available on the site but I saw it the other day still in the store. If you don’t feel like doing the whole in person experience, I don’t blame you. You can find a similar one here 

I’m not sure if its worth a mention because you can barely see it in any of my photos but my bandeau is from Urban Outfitters. You don’t need one for the shirt but I like things to be unbuttoned farther down where you need one.


12168101_1150433621652842_1917297330_nMy leather Jacket is also From H&M, you can find it here. Actually now that I am looking at it, I think my entire outfit is straight out of an H&M Ad. Yeah… I should probably stay away from there for awhile. My Jeans are High waisted although you can barely tell.  My necklace is also from H&M (I know shameful) and came as part of a set.

My Bag is a Rebecca Minkoff that I got on sale at Saks in New York. You can find it on their website for full price. The sunglasses are from a boutique in Atlanta located at five points. I’m sorry to say I don’t know the name of where they are from because they are wicked cute.

12167992_1150433624986175_2103046966_nMy shoes are from Charlotte Russe. They are no longer in stock but there are some similar (and much cuter) ones. This is the first pair of shoes I have ever bought from Charlotte Russe and I am pleasantly surprised by how well they are holding up with how often I’ve been wearing them.

Well Thats all I got for you! Be sure to check out my post on the event because I promise it is much more interesting than this. I also am about to publish this look to my LOOKBOOK so feel free to check that out and fashion network with me. XOXO

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