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Styled By LC: New Year’s Line & Fashion Show

Two Sunday’s ago, I was invited to attend an exclusive showing for a New Year’s line by a fabulous up and coming Philadelphia designer, Lucreatia Russell.


The event was located on the edge of West Philadelphia at the venue, Petite Fete. The venue was small, cozy and intimate. The location wasn’t ideal or the easiest to attend but the place itself was really quite cute. The room was white with silver trimming lengthwise. The venue held about 50 people and the designer choose to format the room with chairs along the sides in a runway-esque fashion.

best friends blonde

I was a little bit disappointed with the length of the event considering how small the product line turned out to be. I showed up fashionably late as per usual but still felt like I could have taken an extra hour before needing to arrive. That being said, I was really impressed with the line itself.

The clothes definitely screamed New Years. They were fun and exciting. What I really valued most about the collection was that the designer wasn’t afraid to add some sex appeal without going over board with it. I love to show some skin but I hate when clothes leave me feeling too reveled. Russell, designed a perfect combination for the holiday.

Philadelphia fashion show

While some of the pieces were a little bit too pink for my taste, others I could definitely see myself wearing. I understand that this was a New Years collection but it would have been interesting to see some of her other past pieces as well.

I spoke with Lucreatia briefly and she was lovely. For only being 22 and still in college, her line is incredibly progressive. She is clearly gifted and extremely ambitious. Considering how young she is, I have no doubt that this young talent will become a hot Philly designer in the upcoming future.

style by LC philly

I look forward to seeing more work from her and hopefully trying a few of her styles out for myself one day soon. Russell seemed to be a beautiful and determined young women that I would love to collaborate soon with.

style by lc philly


Well anyways, that was my weekend. I am incredibly excited for Philly Winter & Spring Fashion weeks. I am also excited to announce that my internship with CollegeFashionista has finally begun! My first post as a style-guru will be up very soon!

Till Then,



Check out Style by LC: here 

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