Whats Wrong with Being Confident? Marine Ball 2015

Last weekend, I flew to North Carolina.Thats really nothing new. To give any newcomers some background information, I fly to North Carolina about one weekend out of each month.

Last weekend was particularly special for me however. It was my boyfriend & I’s two year anniversary. That is a long time to be stuck with someone. I think we are both pretty surprised to have tolerated another person for such a lengthy amount of time. But seriously, I am happy because of so many amazing opportunities my life offers me, and he is one of them. My weekend was pretty packed but the time that wasn’t was spent playing with puppies and the classic “Netflix and chill”.

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If any of you follow me on social media, you would have seen me bragging and boasting with excitement over my previous weekend. On Saturday, I attended a ball.


Ball Essentials:  (Shoes: What For  Bag: Primarks,  Naked on the run palette,  Honey by Marc Jacobs,  Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour kitAveeno daily moisturizer)

Yes, a ball. Like Cinderella, or also known as the adult version of a prom. After a hard year of struggling through a stressful yet committed long distance relationship, the Marine Corps. finally decided to reward me. I will admit it is not much in the broader sense of things. It almost feels like a joke when you really stop and think about it. Like someone out there was like “hey we know we make life hard for you but here is a night to wear a pretty dress and eat good food”. I’m not oblivious to the fact that it is a small token compared to what I have given. But I can thrive on any chance to wear a gorgeous dress, drink champaign and pig out on hors d’oeuvres.

The Marine Corps. Birthday Ball is a glamorous event for Marines and their significant others. It brings a year to a close with laughs, color and celebration. Everyone in attendance has a mutual understanding of hardships, strengths and courage. It is the first time I have ever been in a setting where everyone around me truly understands. It takes an inconceivable amount of independence, commitment and maturity. My boyfriend and I have more than earned a ball and I am grateful to have shared such a special night with him.


The event itself was beautiful. Lovely decorations and ice sculptures blew me away. The food was better than expected; although I had a little trouble as one of the only vegetarians in the room.


I worked hard to pick out a dress as every girl does. I spent a weekend in New York trying on ball gowns at Bloomingdales, Saks, Nordstroms and Rent the Runway. I was so OCD about this event that I actually purchased a dress and ended up returning it the next day for a different dress. After several hours and a few moments that resembled something off of Bridezillas, I found a dress. I was and am still convinced it was the perfect dress. Black and lacy. Sleek and sexy. This dress embodied everything that I have become throughout this relationship: confident, reserved, and mature.


(Dress: Bloomingdales, NYC)

Despite being the perfect dress, I couldn’t beat the unforeseeable trends. Apparently lace is very in this year. Most of the girls at the ball held similar dresses, One girl going as far as to dare to wear the exact same dress. Even this fashion nightmare couldn’t mess with my night. The venue overlooked a beautiful lake of water with lights surrounding the balcony. New Bern, North Carolina is a romantic and dreamy place. If you need a better picture, Nicolas Sparks lives and bases many of his books off of New Bern,NC. & What is more romantic than Nicolas Sparks?

The ceremony was truly interesting and enlightening to see. So many intense stories and careers led this special night. It is hard to imagine doing any of the things some of these men and women do for this country. My heart holds an immense amount of respect and love for these people. I do not agree with various aspects of war & defense but people who fight to protect us should be honored. I also believe they deserve more gratitude than they receive.

My night was beautiful but mainly because so was my date. Throughout all the chatter, speeches, and music, we became anxious to go home. We made sure to hit the Wendys drive thru for Frosties and fries. Anytime you go to a classy event you should end up somewhere with a little less class. Us girls gotta remain down to earth.

My Boys

My night ended with Netflix, frosties, cuddles and puppies. Who needs a perfect ball gown when you have all of this.




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