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Young, Alone & Content: A Valentines Day Lookbook & Commentary

Valentines Day is one of those funny holidays that can either make you incredibly thankful or ridiculously sad. It is kind of like thanksgiving but without the food and a different kind of guilt.

I find it slightly humorous that my entire life, I have been without a Valentines date. While girls in high school were getting roses on February 14th, I was eating chocolates (from my mom) and watching Gilmore Girls marathons.

But really please do not feel too down for me. Not only did puberty hit me hard but by the time my body had fully recovered from the traumatic occurrence, people were starting to definitely take notice. However, by then I had lost any interest in finding love, faking love, or carrying around drugstore “roses” for all my peers to see.


Early on, I was ambitious. I didn’t care about boys and I had mega plans for my self. This is still considerably true but I care about boys a little bit more now. In high school, I was in love with many things but never a boy. My friends would cry and stalk boys or ditch their plans for a good make out session; while I was crying over and stalking famous bloggers, writers, and producers.

Anyways, the point of this flashback is now I finally have a Valentine. By the end of my High school career, I had gained many things like my first ever sweetheart and a kick ass wardrobe.

Heart Valentine


Now it is two and half years later and I still have that same Valentine. And yet, I have come to the realization that whatever force controls my life loves to play games. Yes, I finally have a valentine but I am still the girl without roses to carry around in school. Having a boyfriend in the military or a long distance in general is frustrating but it always makes me laugh when I think about how many times my independence has truly saved me.


Some people expect me to be sad, but I’m not. Because I have always been the girl who watches Gilmore Girls marathons alone in her room on February 14th. I love being that girl and I think I will always be that girl. Only now, I have a sweetheart to text while I do it.valentines day flowers

Wishing you all an amazing Hallmark holiday!



V-day outfit details:

Red Coat: Zara 

Scarf: Express

Shoes: Target 

Black T-shirt dress: Nordstrom


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