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    Chicago Bound: My Arrival

    Chicago bound

    Well, I am officially settled into my new abode in Chicago, Illinois. Never in my life, would I have thought I’d be saying that I am living in “Illinois.” Corn fields and sun dresses aren’t exactly my style. Luckily, Chicago is lacking in both of those and I can honestly say that these past few weeks have been exhilarating.

    My new apartment is set on a beautiful street and I couldn’t have placed it in a more perfect area. I am one block East from the hub of the “Gayborhood” filled with trendy cafes, comedy clubs, bars, coffee shops and sex shops.  During the day, it’s the perfect place to stroll and sit outside somewhere to write. It is quiet, well kept and upscale. At night however, it becomes the equivalent of Philly’s South street with crazy outfits, nightlife and entertainment. Especially with Pride Month going on, my neighborhood isn’t exactly lacking in the party department.


    On the opposite side of my street, I am two blocks from Wrigley Field and all of the sports hype that goes along with it. Famous sports bars, street vendors, ticket scalpers and fans flood the area constantly. Definitely, not the easiest spot in town to stroll through but I can’t complain because this area is never lacking in fun. But the immense amount of amazing and greasy food makes it dangerous territory for someone like me.



    My apartment is big and beautiful. With an outside deck that fuels my need for good vibes and sunshine. The best part of this whole experience so far has been the people though. I’ve missed my friends in Chi so much and they understand a side of me that many people don’t. I have lots of plans for myself with a spontaneities mind and independent nature. All of which tend to confuse, intimidate or worry people. The friends I have here hold similar characteristics. So for once in my life, I’m not finding the need to explain why I’m doing something; and usually they’re encouraging to do it with me.

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    When I decided to move my life to Chicago for the summer, I confused a lot of people. I got a mix of responses but my gut told me to take a chance and it would work out. When I was younger, I never trusted my gut. I told myself that when people where quick to give opinions or observations that must mean they knew something more than I did. When I began college, I told myself that I was going to only listen to myself for the first time. And once I did, my life completely changed for the better. I have learned that people don’t always know whats best for you and taking risks is an essential part of bettering yourself.

    I guess that is really why I’m so confident with myself; as soon as I started trusting my mind, everything began to fall into place. A month ago, I had a feeling that I needed to get myself to a new environment and that life was pushing me to do so. I am a big believer in the universe pushing you to do great things and it’s your choice whether or not to take those chances.

    I don’t think it is a coincidence that I spontaneously decided to move to Chicago and suddenly my amazing friends had a room open in a beautiful apartment located in a great neighborhood. With the chance I took, I left behind two amazing internships and the longest job I have ever held. I had no idea what would happen but I began to notice when a great opportunity replaced one that I had left behind and trusted that validation. Now I have an amazing internship at a fashion television network in the heart of Chicago.


    I have a lot of faith in myself and where this summer is going to take me. So far the most important thing this change has given me is a great group of people, who have insured that I’m always inspired and never alone. And if that’s all I walk away with then that will be enough. I think so many people approach me with the assumption that “theameliaburns” knows whats she’s doing but I have absolutely zero idea what I am doing. I just understand what I want and I trust my gut. Surprisingly, that’s usually all it takes.