Halloween with The View

Last Wednesday, I had tickets to The View’s Halloween Show in New York. I was beyond excited  the days leading up to the event. Normally, I would be excited for this type of thing regardless; I am a total nerd when it comes to anything tv, film or production related. Aside from that fact, halloween shows tend to be brilliant in my opinion. I love the costumes, conversations, and decorations. The overall aesthetic of Halloween is just exciting to me.

Like the typically unorganized person that I am, I didn’t do much to prepare for the event. In fact, I found out pretty much the day before that costumes were mandatory for attendance. I am pretty sure my friend that I brought could have killed me when I told her. I am so used to putting projects together last minute (as an art major) that I constantly forget that not everybody’s minds will work the way mine does. Either way, we ended up pulling it together.

I feel as though I am better at costume makeup than I am at real life makeup. Not sure if this is a good or bad realization? After practicing the night before, I was able to pull together a pretty awesome skeleton look at 7:00am. In the beginning it was an attempt to do a “Maryliann Monroe back from the dead” type of thing but ended up just becoming a mummy look. I am so proud of how the makeup turned out even if it was melting off my face for most of the day.New YorkWe took the train around 9am and ended up in New York around 11. Unfortunately, it was pouring which normally wouldn’t bother me except for the fact that I was wearing a white cream skeleton face. It took forever to finally get a cab and dropped off by the studio.

Once we reached our destination we realized we needed food because I can not sit through anything semi important without a full stomach. I also needed my entire face redone in time before I met Raven Symone. Eventually we found a cute hidden diner down a random street. The place had a lot of character. I don’t know how else to explain it, except by saying it had great food and was the kind of place where you can paint your face in a booth without people looking at you funny.

Finally arriving in the studio, we were hurried in and put in a large room filled with people in costumes. We ended up being stuck there for about an hour but it was really pretty interesting. Everyone had great costumes and I was super jealous for not putting as much of an effort into mine. The studio also supplied free drinks and candy which I am never opposed too.

The View

The entire time I was in there, my mind was stuck on how I was going to get a good seat for the show. I spend my time at school studying PR, Television and journalism. I know how these things work; you have to be cute or know someone who knows someone. Luckily, I happen to know how to accomplish both.  We divided up our time by trying to make the most out of each opportunity. We flirted with interns, complimented costumes, attempted to hold conversations that weren’t about the show. I knew something good was bound to come out of our efforts.

Along with trying to get myself ahead of rows, I was also dividing up my time trying to get myself ahead- in life. University has taught me that if I am anywhere that I would like to work at someday than I should be trying to meet people & figure out how to do that. So pretty much I am always trying to network because I think pretty much everything is cool. I am pretty sure I asked every intern  & production assistant there: how they got their job, where did they go to school, what was their major and what their advice was. I know I’m annoying but l am also sure it is going to pay off one day.

When seating came around, the lady seating us is looking to place us when she locks eyes with one of the production assistants we had a conversation with! Hallelujah, I told you my annoyance would pay off. He put us in the front row.


The show itself was as aesthetically pleasing as I would have hopped. The ladies of the view had a Disney costume theme that was exceptional. The director of the show told the audience that the Halloween episodes are the time when makeup & costume artists get nominated for Emmys. I hope that these costume directors do get an Emmy because they truly were amazing. The best was Whoopi Goldberg as Cruella Deville. Her coat was something right out of the movie and everything was to an exact.

As pretty as the costumes were, the cast of the show wasn’t as engaging as I would have hopped. To be honest, some of them seemed to just not really want to be there. Who am I too judge, I know that sometimes I hate being at work. Even so, I was slightly disappointed. The most engaging was surprisingly Raven Symone who actually acknowledged the audience. One of the tech guys also told me that she was the most down to earth out of the cast. He said that at almost every show, she is one of the only people who will come out into the audience and talk with people. Raven might be getting a lot of heat for her conversations lately but I definitely have a new appreciation for her.

The Guest on the show was Seth Macfarlane. Which was pretty damn cool being like 3 feet away. He wore a lobster costume and was still just as cute as he seems. The show didn’t let you take photos except at the very beginning of the show which was a major bummer. So no photos of seth and also why my photos slightly suck.


The end of the show was definitely the best part. I know that sounds bitter but as I said before I love free stuff. The View sent every member of the audience home with 5 Pound Hershey Chocolate Bars. I don’t know what I am going to do with a five pound chocolate bar but I swear I almost cried.

All in all, I had a great time. I laughed and smiled a lot which is always a positive experience. Being so close to New York, I should really try to make an effort to go to more things like this. It was too fun and easy not too. I am currently on the waitlist for tickets to the Late Night with Seth Meyers Show, so hopefully there will be more adventures for you to read about soon.



You can Watch the Halloween Episode here

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